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Guidelines for a healthy green smoothie + recipe!

Portland is incredible. Flouride-free water, compostable containers, water bottle refill stations and a farmers market that is like walking into the most vivid painting of colors ever. It was as if the city put its citizens, their basic human rights and common sense first. Imagine that! When being healthy is this easy, it’s a sobering … Continue reading

Fall-Proof Your Diet: Pumpkin Spice Latte & Apple Crisp Recipe

Note: this entry is from last Fall but the desire for Pumpkin Spice Lattes never goes out of style! Shorter days mean less energy and the mood-boosting chemical seratonin. Cooler days mean cravings for warm crisps and coffees. This combination can send the best laid diet plans off the rails and re-routed to sugar-rich temptations. … Continue reading

Is Animal Meat Good or Bad for Me? A Big Clue for You.

Last week I discussed the importance of becoming your own Buddha, without the belly, in your personal nutritional needs. However, finding harmony in what’s become jarring nutritional noise is necessary. Dietary theories are like music. Regardless if you are into pop, alternative, or niche genres, musicians still need to learn the basics such as the arrangement … Continue reading

Fall Fats That Enable Body Shine

Being misunderstood is frustrating. I think fat, as a nutrient, would agree. Healthy fats are especially important in the fall and winter months to increase our immunity, boost our moods and keep our blood sugar balanced for portion control. I’m at NBC today to clear up some of the confusion around this vital nutrient. See Fall Fats … Continue reading