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A Root Cause of Sugar Cravings

Sugar. You love, hate, eliminate. Repeat. Marysusan’s story is better than Starbucks red cups to keep you in the holiday cheer—and out of a food coma. In this video, you’ll see how she eliminated her cravings by understanding the root cause. You are sure to gain insight into your own cravings. In this video, you’ll … Continue reading

What Your Relationship to Food Says About You

I always say how you eat is a metaphor for how you live. But what does that mean? Marcy’s story will show you how your relationship with food reveals other patterns in your life. And if you’ve ever hesitated to spend money on your health, whether it’s paying more for organic or hiring a coach … Continue reading

How One Smart Woman Organized the Nutritional Noise

Kate is a life-long learner and could have earned a Ph.D. in nutrition with all the information she was reading from her health magazine habit. How many of you can relate? I know the me of my teens and twenties can. Sassy, Seventeen, Self, Shape…the list goes on! But just like theory and the real-world … Continue reading

MT Rewrites Own “Healthcare” Laws to Reignite Energy

To celebrate my five year anniversary as a full-time health coach, I’m sharing a handful of client stories. To kick-off the party, meet MT. In this video, you’ll learn: :45: What inspired MT to change her eating habits 1:50: Her secret to making major changes (hint: it’s completely counterintuitive) 2:00: The food that reignited her … Continue reading