For the past six years, I’ve empowered individuals, groups and companies to take charge of their physical and emotional well-being. While each is unique, they all gracefully change their plates and attitudes toward food, and most importantly, their lifestyle. 

Professionally, I am a health coach. In reality, a client best described me as the swiss army knife of wellness. I use food, emotions and coaching to create a soulful wellness adventure.

Combining my background in functional medicine, holistic health counseling, including studies in the psychology of eating, I created an innovative health coaching model, Truce with Food (TM) while at the University of Pennsylvania earning my Masters degree. My Masters is in Organizational Dynamics (it’s like an MBA in human behavior), and I’ve earned certified concentrations in Coaching, Change Management and Leadership , enabling me to combine my different fields of expertise into an elegant and inspiring process that makes food, our most important medicine, a joy. I am also a 20-year cancer survivor and certified in Level 1 Reiki.

Other educational credits include: Institute for Integrative Nutrition/Columbia’s Teachers College graduate, and certifications from CHEK Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

In addition to my private health coaching practice, I am an author, speaker, and regular health contributor to the NBC 10! Show. In 2009, I authored the book “The Roots of Going Green: Your Fork, Your Power” to illustrate the environmental and relational impact our industrial food supply has on our health and well-being.  I have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, Daily Candy, and CrazySexyLife.

In addition to my private health counseling practice, I am an author, regular health contributor to the NBC 10! Show and speaker. I have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, Daily Candy, and CrazySexyLife.

My Own House Cleaning Story

Warning: Dirty Laundry 

Seven years ago, at 5 ‘4, I found myself squeezing into a generous size 10 black pant that left visible red waistband marks. In a dimly lit corporate cubicle, nothing fit.

I had done everything right: college, internships, graduated from Penn State’s Schreyer’s Honors College with a 3.89 GPA, the well-paying corporate job, the advanced training program with the top-ranked Forbes company that had me living and working around the world (hello Paris, London, Madrid, Stockholm and Prague). I even put on a happy face after surviving Cancer, chemo and radiation—all by the sage age of 14.

So how, at 25, did I find myself severely depressed when I had what I had worked so hard to achieve? Having struggled with food, weight and the “my real life begins once I lose weight” fantasy since age 8, my struggles all came down to the size 10 pants. Surely they were the root of all my problems.  I had been thin before. After chemo, in high school, even a stint in college. I ate healthy. I worked out religiously. I accomplished everything else thus far in my life. So, why couldn’t I seem to stay on track long enough to bring back the glorious feeling of a size 4? After all, it was what I wanted most.

After 17 years of weight watching, being in the Zone, on South Beach, and checking in for a Master Cleanse, I was out of ideas, logic, hope. Nothing “out there” was helping.  Turning emotionally inward wasn’t a skill that develops easily while following the conventional rules of success.

It began with a small gamble: a lateral job move that eliminated two hours of daily commuting and reduced work travel to enhance my quality of life. Those on “the fast track” assured me I was committing career suicide. I dropped a clothing size. I gave the formerly tight pants to Goodwill. I loved my new life. Now free from my size 10 pants and what they represented, I took more chances. This evolved into an exciting and terrifying ride: trusting myself.

Gradual soul searching led from being a corporate ladder climber to a self-employed health counselor, to meeting and marrying my soul mate, to understanding self-care. In the process I dropped several diagnoses like asthma, depression, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)—and 6 sizes. While losing 30 pounds feels fabulous, maybe it wasn’t about the pants after all. Losing the struggle with food, weight, and exercise feels even better.  My life and body are at peace now that I have designed my life in a way that feeds me.

My health coaching website is hereSubscribe to my newsletters and other writings here. The best way to contact me is through email, at ali@alishapiro.com.

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