Truce with Food on Dare, Dream, Do + Last Call for Free Class on Emotions & Food Restrictions

A special welcome to all the new Truce with FoodTM readers from Be Well Philly’s Boot Camp and Whitney Johnson’s Dare, Dream, Do blog.

As I write this, I’m on my way up to New York City to film another Yahoo segment on healthy snacks for under $2. Here’s one shocking hint: not all green smoothies are healthy! You’ll soon find out why.

Until then, here’s a short summer reading (my Dare, Dream, Do blog post!) guaranteed to give you a vacation worthy exhale. I shared these sentiments at Philly Mag’s Be Well Boot Camp. Many women shared their relief in learning a holistic eating method versus one that assumes they are just calories in/calories out machines.

And, if you need a great summer read, check out Whitney’s book Dare, Dream, Do. I recently finished it and am inspired to dream even bigger. Having a life you want to be healthy and trim for is the biggest motivation in losing and keeping weight off.DareDoDreamSwitching gears, for those of you who have recently been diagnosed with food allergies or intolerances, the Gluten-Free School is hosting a free master class with me on Tuesday, June 18 on how to deal with the emotions associated with having food allergies. I’ll be discussing the feeling of control associated with food. For anyone struggling with food restrictions (including self-imposed), this call is for you.

I’m also working on a complete website redesign and branding. Stay tuned for even more scoop on how you can call a truce with food and get on with your life!

Be well,