Did you know these impulse purchases can unknowingly undermine your weight-loss?

Is it just me or does January – April take awhile to get through and then the year flies? Carlos returned this past Sunday after two years and an MFA in Iowa. And on Monday, I graduated with my Masters in Organizational Dynamics (which is like an MBA in human behavior) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, the spring session of Truce with Food ended. Results were as unique as each person. One client was able to stop her Prilosec, another cleared up her Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms, one found a work-out that doesn’t make her more tired and hungry and yet another client quit a leadership position that had become an emotional drain. And that’s just a sample of the results. This group was and is on fire!

What an incredible whirlwind! 

And here we are, already in mid-May. Summer travel is starting. Many times, that means impulse purchases at airports, turnpike pit-stops and meals out. I recently filmed a Yahoo Shopping segment on impulse purchases that will unknowingly undermine the best of nutritional efforts. Watch it here so you can more easily stay on track this summer!

I’ll be back in June with the ideal rate of weight-loss so you don’t damage your metabolism in the process.  This is key to avoiding the 110% weight regain that happens to the majority of dieters. 

Be well,