Curious about Truce with Food? Join my free call March 13 @ 7pm (EST)!

Jillian Michaels recently told Anderson Cooper, “I don’t know how I keep selling books to you guys. Eat less, move more, it is that frigging simple!

I’ll tell you why: Jillian Michaels and most health “experts” aren’t experts in how people, particulary adults, really change. It definitely doesn’t involve shame and blame. And it’s why the majority of Biggest Loser contestants and dieters gain all their weight back.

When you hear weight-loss success stories, just about everyone says the same thing: “I stopped beating myself up for slip ups” or “I finally got that it wasn’t just about food”. What they aren’t saying is how they arrived there. “There” being how their story took a turn for the better. How they finally believed a different way of being with food was possible.

After losing 30 pounds and calling my own Truce with Food after 18 years of struggle, I spent the past five years studying human behavior and the change process in my Masters work at the University of Pennsylvania so I could help others feel the same freedom around food I now enjoy. I combined this with my holistic nutrition background at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for the Psychology to create Truce with FoodTM, an elegant process for weight-loss and healing. It replaces information with understanding and self-judgement with growth and anxiety with calm. It turns the outdated, yet mainstream, weight-loss conversation on its head.

Join me on Wednesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. EST for a free call to understand the Truce with FoodTM, behind the scenes, including the four stages of change necessary for weight-loss.

In this complimentary call, you’ll learn:

–         The biggest flaw in the traditional way of thinking about weight-loss and the new view that will work for you, versus against you

–         Why food isn’t the enemy but a muse for healing your body and life

–         The four stages of change, the HOW, required for you to have it all – weight-loss and no longer being tormented by food

–         Tips to get you started in each phase that will dramatically shift how you feel about food

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I promise – this is not Lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks with 10 SuperFoods that can also Clean Your Home! I’m not trying to sell a quick fix. I’m offering you your life back.

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