2 Foods for February Sugar Cravings, Insights from a Sugar Detox

I have kicked off my Masters thesis which is a synthesis of academic and real world experience I’ve amassed over the past six years of health coaching. It will be a published book coming out later this year guaranteed to be nothing like you’ve ever read on food before. I cannot wait for you to benefit from my book.

I’ve been so energized by the content, insights and connections that I’ve had a hard time sleeping! I told Carlos, who struggles with sleep, that I finally understand why writing and sleep don’t often go hand-in-hand.

Because I’m dwelling in the space for that content, here’s two short and sweet ideas for sugar cravings that escalate from being tired or it just being the dead end of winter.

1. Organic oranges. You will be surprised at how sweet and craving quenching of these gorgeously colored fruits. If I’m feeling a little tired after lunch, I eat one of these and put the peels in my garbage disposal to make the kitchen smell fresh. Look for orange’s with a barcode that start with 9. That means organic.

2. Sugar-Free Fudge. This was my go to during a sugar-detox two February’s ago. Here’s the recipe, along with lessons and tips from a successful sugar detox.

Also Truce with Food dates for Spring 2013 have been set. I will be running it live again. It’s just so popular and I love group work, especially because I want to share my new insights from my writing. Details here. Hope to have you join beginning Tuesday, April 2 at 12 p.m.

That’s all folks. For now…

Be well,


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