Best Wine for Lowest Carbs, Maximum Relaxation & Truce with Food in Redbook!

A special welcome to all the new readers from Redbook magazine! Last week, Redbook ran a great slide show highlighting my Truce with Food approach.

Equally exciting to me was a client email I received. June (name is changed) came to me with some health concerns and decades of dieting baggage. In addition, she was going through menopause and challenging life situations in which these days we all, at times, seem to find ourselves.

She wrote to me post-Thanksgiving,

“I just wanted to let you know that this year I noticed that Thanksgiving was not so much about the food for me— it was a real awakening to how differently I think now.”

I cried when I read that. I know that feeling – and its opposite. You see June doesn’t feel controlled by calories or dessert trays, because she’s more in control of creating a life rich with her emotional tastes. To accomplish this, June had to take a brave and honest look at her metaphorical plate. This is the one you always refer to as, “I just have so much on my plate”. And it’s not just about quantity. The opposite of stress isn’t stress management. Is there anything you find meaningful on that to-do list?

I want that level of well-being and ease for you too, because that’s when life feels magical even beyond the holidays. Having a full life that precludes living in a food coma is the best way to stay on track. Here are some recent media highlights to help reclaim the magic of the holidays by making food simple and easy to enjoy. If you really digest this information, you won’t be on a crash detox (the yuppie form of dieting) when January arrives:

Redbook: “How to Call a Truce with Food”
Janet Taylor’s Radio Show: Organizing Your Plate for the Holidays (My interview was selected as a featured show. The best tip is the first one.)
Philly Mag: “How to Navigate the Holidays with Food Allergies
Interview with Tria Wine Bar Owner: Healthiest Wines (from the archives but relevant with all the holiday parties!)

As I read Twitter and Facebook updates of people going on post-Thanksgiving detoxes, I feel humbled that my clients and I are out of that rat race. We have opted out of not just these eating fads but also the idea that we must conform to how things “should be.” This change doesn’t happen overnight; my clients are all at different stages of experiencing this feeling. But they are all on their way with their relationship to food providing the clues to one of the greatest stories in their lives.

Drop the masculine expectation of fast and furious. Embrace slow and calm. The wintertime demands this pace. And you can too, unapologetically.

Wishing you the gift of meaning and insight,