A Root Cause of Sugar Cravings

Sugar. You love, hate, eliminate. Repeat. Marysusan’s story is better than Starbucks red cups to keep you in the holiday cheer—and out of a food coma. In this video, you’ll see how she eliminated her cravings by understanding the root cause. You are sure to gain insight into your own cravings.

In this video, you’ll learn:

1:10 A physical sign sugar is an issue for you – but why it’s not the real issue
2:10 The healthy breakfast food that causes sugar cravings all day
3:20 How Marysusan reversed her hypoglycemia and how this enabled her effortlessly drop five pounds
6:28: The food tweaks that helped Marysusan eliminate sugar cravings
7:28: How Marysusan came to like unfamiliar health foods
9:03: What Marysusan wishes she knew about nutrition from the start (and two dynamite tips for putting healthy eating on automatic pilot)

The end is a tiny bit garbled but Marysusan’s ideas are helpful to you.

This concludes celebrating five years of health coaching and one to grow on. Thank you to all my clients who volunteered their time this summer and everyone I’ve worked with over the years. You teach and remind me of the power we each have in determining our health, how life roots for us and the rewards of a courageous human spirit. I wouldn’t want to spend my time with any other group of people.

To a lifetime of learning.