What Your Relationship to Food Says About You

I always say how you eat is a metaphor for how you live. But what does that mean? Marcy’s story will show you how your relationship with food reveals other patterns in your life.

And if you’ve ever hesitated to spend money on your health, whether it’s paying more for organic or hiring a coach to make the leaps you crave, see the magic that happens when you invest in yourself. I understand being cynical about most claims (I teach my clients how to see past the hype). But if you research something, it resonates and the possibility excites (and sometimes scares) you, then you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Marcy’s story illustrates this beautifully.

In this video, you’ll learn:

0:45: Marcy’s brutally honest reason she decided to work with me
1:38: The question that helped shift how she understood her food choices and self-care
2:26: What was more important than food in changing her eating habits. You’ll need this too for lasting dietary changes
3:40: The linchpin to Marcy’s success (if you want or have children, pay close attention)
4:50: The spill-over effects of changing her relationship to food
6:05: Marcy’s insights into navigating change and uncertainty
6:38: The connection between investing in your health and financial and career success (and tips for you to start to have both in your own life)

I cannot say it enough: I adore my clients. They constantly reminded me of the transformation that comes from curiosity, resiliency and courage. Next week is the last client success story in this 5-year health coaching anniversary celebration. You can see four other client transformation stories here.

Until then, always bet on yourself.