How to Free Yourself from Food Rules Despite Health Constraints

Today’s client success story touches my heart in so many ways. Meaghan is a type I diabetic. The type of control she needs to have over her food extends well beyond feeling fat or bloated. It’s a health reality that requires wisdom. Accepting and managing things that have happened to us for no known reason is the spiritual work of a lifetime. And Meaghan did this with such grace and beauty. Watch her inspiring story if you want to toss out your own food rules. I know this video is longer than most – I am confident it is worth your time.

In this video, you’ll see:

:55   How even the experts switch their health recommendations
1:59   The fall-out from doing the same diet that worked for your friend
3:20  How Meaghan learned to regain control of her eating without being on a plan
4:10   Why a vegan diet worked for two weeks and then stopped working (hint: it has nothing to do with food!)
6:21   The three things aside from food that equally influence if a food is “good” or “bad” for Meaghan
7:39   The powerful realization that made Meaghan finally throw out all her diet books
8:38  What signals her body gives her to know her food choices are on target
9:42   Her biggest victory – and what made both of us cry
11:00  The paradoxical truth of weight-loss: how much weight Meaghan lost once she stopped dieting

So who else will throw out their diet books? If you need more courage, watch how Kate did the same thing.