Posted in November 2012

A Root Cause of Sugar Cravings

Sugar. You love, hate, eliminate. Repeat. Marysusan’s story is better than Starbucks red cups to keep you in the holiday cheer—and out of a food coma. In this video, you’ll see how she eliminated her cravings by understanding the root cause. You are sure to gain insight into your own cravings. In this video, you’ll … Continue reading

What Your Relationship to Food Says About You

I always say how you eat is a metaphor for how you live. But what does that mean? Marcy’s story will show you how your relationship with food reveals other patterns in your life. And if you’ve ever hesitated to spend money on your health, whether it’s paying more for organic or hiring a coach … Continue reading

How Masculine Metaphors are Sabotaging Your Weight

Tomorrow is Election Day. And America is on life-support. Pre-packaged sound bites, just like pre-packaged foods, have diseased America. Both contribute to a tired and wounded discourse that requires an intervention of sensibility. I wonder if the over- 65 Tea Party crowd on Medicare and receiving Social Security have dementia from our government-subsidized cheap carbs … Continue reading