How One Smart Woman Organized the Nutritional Noise

Kate is a life-long learner and could have earned a Ph.D. in nutrition with all the information she was reading from her health magazine habit. How many of you can relate? I know the me of my teens and twenties can. Sassy, Seventeen, Self, Shape…the list goes on!

But just like theory and the real-world are different worlds, Kate was looking for a solution that bridged this gap.

In this video, you’ll see how she stopped drowning in nutritional noise to achieve her nutrition goals.

In this video you’ll learn:

:48    How she ditched the health magazines and learned to trust herself
1:50   How she gets back on track after a couple of bad eating days in a row
3:08: How she made exercise more fun and fulfilling so it became automatic
4:20: The number one way to instantly be gentle with yourself
5:00: How joining a like-minded community eliminates emotional eating
5:45:  Kate’s two wellness keys that keep her on-track
6:33: What Kate would tell her younger self prior to our work together

Did I mention I just adore my clients? If you want more inspiration, view Joanne, MT and Meaghan’s successes. You’ll see while everyone’s path to success was different, shutting off the external influences and turning inward is the dominant theme.