The Two Food Fixes that Reversed Joanne’s Anxiety and Allergies

Last week kicked off celebrating my five full-time years of health coaching.  MT discussed the two steps she started with right away to immediately regain her energy. This week, you’ll see how Joanne reversed not just her allergies and anxiety, but a host of seemingly other unrelated problems, including her stomach problems.

In this video you’ll learn:

:45  The big ah ha moment that inspired Joanne to change her fast food habits
1:19  The health problems Joanne reversed with her diet. I guarantee most of you have at least one on her list.
1:56  The food fix that dramatically reduced her anxiety.
3:45  The food fix that eliminated her cat allergy (her cat is forever grateful!)
6:00  Why Joanne never uses over the counter medication anymore even when a symptom returns
6:30  How Joanne got her husband on board the healthy eating train

Inspired? See why I love my clients as much as I do? Smart, curious and gonna make it happen.

I’d love to hear your own ah-has or stories that came to mind after watching Joanne’s story in the comments below. What food fixes helped you the most in your life? What changes resulted?

One thought on “The Two Food Fixes that Reversed Joanne’s Anxiety and Allergies

  1. Wow! Loved this! When we got our dog about a year ago, I noticed so much sniffling and sneezing….thought I had to live with it. Joanne’s story has inspired me to TRY to cut out dairy. It’s a real weakness I have, so wish me luck!

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