Did you know you are a revolutionary?, 2 instant, easy energy tips

Five years ago today, I awoke to excitement and terror. For the first time, I had complete responsibility for how to spend my days as a contributing member of society while paying a mortgage, self-employment taxes, and my own health-care premiums. My first decision? Attending a 75-minute hot yoga class. No longer needing to make it appear like I was only away from my corporate office for an hour, I fully enjoyed myself. Until the end.  With shavasna, an ending yoga posture, my mind began telling me I already wasn’t working hard enough.

So much has changed since those first up–and-down days and years. The one constant has been the incredible people I have met and the amazing results my clients have achieved, in this life-changing journey. My health coaching practice isn’t just a business; it’s part of a movement to redefine health-care and experience the joy of well-being one can expect from this one precious life each of us has been given.

In this brilliant and funny three-minute video on leadership, you’ll see movements don’t materialize with just the “first person”.

It wasn’t Hippocrates or even Dr. Andrew Weil responsible for the nutrition conversation. It’s you—reading to learn more, it’s my clients, it’s me. As the video states, “It’s those who are willing to stand out…and be ridiculed”. In our society, this means opting out of the faster, quick-fix weight-loss model or drinking a green smoothie despite curious co-workers smiling slyly at your “hippie” food. It’s choosing to do less and be more.

This past week, I ran into some of my first clients, three in particular, who’s combined weight-loss is 200 plus pounds. They’ve maintained it because their lives are flourishing. One has moved into a stylish city loft. Another has started his own business, which is already thriving. Another has found herself through a divorce and a huge job promotion. When you stop eating pre-packaged food, you stop wanting a pre-packaged life. Incredible transformations happen when the status quo starts being questioned.

Taking ownership of their health and accompanying results have helped and inspired so many in their lives; the movement continues to grow. Even though companies are spending millions fighting GMO labeling and it’s projected that by 2030 all states will have obesity rates above 44%, check out the bustle at your local farmers market. Look up Whole Foods stock. One of America’s wealthiest billionaire’s is donating a large fortune to fund independent nutrition research. An equal and opposite movement is making strides.

Five years ago, my talks centered on making a case for nutrition. The country, most doctors, news media and other authorities hadn’t yet embraced the power of food. Now health is a major section in the news. Many doctors are going back to school to learn not how to treat disease but how to get people well. And major corporations are hiring me to speak on food and it’s relationship to the mind and spirit. I grin widely thinking of where we will be in 10, 15 and 20 years!

A paradigm shift is happening. Not because of Dr. Oz. It’s because of people like those in the leadership video, people like you, with the welfare of themselves, their families and communities in mind, who are willing to stand up and dance – and eat kale! Thank you for being you: curious and hungry for change. It allows my optimism to thrive.

To add some excitement to this movement, I filmed past clients this summer to share their stories. Whether you are new to nutrition or well into your journey, these videos will inspire you to start some new habits.

In the first video, MT, a lawyer shows how she rewrote her own healthcare laws and devised two easy steps to quick energy.  Each Monday, I’ll post a new client story to celebrate five years of full-time health coaching and one to grow on.

Enjoy and be well.


PS – If you read closely, I said I’d share some key entrepreneurial lessons to help you  launch your own new beginnings. I’ll get to those in November.  Today’s post was to honor my clients and you.

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