Posted in October 2012

How One Smart Woman Organized the Nutritional Noise

Kate is a life-long learner and could have earned a Ph.D. in nutrition with all the information she was reading from her health magazine habit. How many of you can relate? I know the me of my teens and twenties can. Sassy, Seventeen, Self, Shape…the list goes on! But just like theory and the real-world … Continue reading

MT Rewrites Own “Healthcare” Laws to Reignite Energy

To celebrate my five year anniversary as a full-time health coach, I’m sharing a handful of client stories. To kick-off the party, meet MT. In this video, you’ll learn: :45: What inspired MT to change her eating habits 1:50: Her secret to making major changes (hint: it’s completely counterintuitive) 2:00: The food that reignited her … Continue reading