Fall Fats That Enable Body Shine

Being misunderstood is frustrating. I think fat, as a nutrient, would agree. Healthy fats are especially important in the fall and winter months to increase our immunity, boost our moods and keep our blood sugar balanced for portion control. I’m at NBC today to clear up some of the confusion around this vital nutrient. See Fall Fats Clip Here

Sunny Side Up in Defense of Eggs: Great research coming out of MIT asking the question if too little cholesterol is actually our problem.

Oiling of America: This video is long but mind-opening. It documents the last 100 years of nutritional science around fats. The good, bad and ugly.

Smoke Chart. The smoking point of a fat is when it starts to breakdown, losing nutritional value and flavor. Think of it as clothing only being useful if it matches the climate. Shorts are great in the heat, bad for you in the dead of winter. Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe at Balanced Bites offer this great visual resource to get a big picture view of what fats to use based on your “cooking climate.”

TV segments are short. And nutrition information is nuanced. But understanding a few basic tenants can bring the clarity you seek. This is why I created my Truce with Food program.  I will be delving deeper into the topic of fats and others on my free, “Truce with Food: First Steps” September 12 call at 7 p.m. Sign-up here if you are interested in more understanding and peace around food.