Truce with Food First Steps (Free Call)

$60.9 billon was spent on weight-loss in 2010. The dieting success rate is less than 5%. The other 95% of dieters on average gain back 110% of the weight they originally lost.

It’s not the dieter who is failing but the dieting model. Until now. 

Truce with Food offers an effective and efficient model around the the truth that lasting weight-loss is a highly individualized process. One spot remains!

However, there are five universal mistakes I see dieters making over and over again. What is even more frustrating is that these myths makes weight-loss much harder than it has to be!

Receive a free recording to the first steps to a Truce with Food and to begin to restore your weight-loss and sanity around food.

In this call, you’ll learn:

1. The neglected nutrient imperative to weight-loss that you will be thrilled to add into your diet.

2. The two things you must measure that are more important than calories in determining weight-loss success.

3. How to figure out the number of meals  (3, 4 or 6?) you personally need for weight-loss.

4. The number one exercise mistake that is increasing your appetite and slowing your metabolism – and how to course correct.

5. The X-factor in weight-loss you’ll never hear about in mainstream media.

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