Mercury Not in Retrograde but my Body

When I make a decision or try to understand “why”, I invite multiple perspectives, including astrology. I’m not talking about daily horoscopes but rather, what the major planets are doing. The presence of sunshine makes me a completely different person, so why wouldn’t the other cosmic weather?

However, the only astrological concept I firmly grasp is Mercury in Retrograde. Mercury rules communication, including travel, appointments, and technologies like the Internet. When it goes into “retrograde” or backward, these things fritz, just like our bodies when exposed to environmental toxins. Websites crash, appointments get double-booked, volcanic ash fromIcelandgrounds travel or Captain Sulley pulls out the Miracle on theHudsonafter Canadian geese disable an airplane.  Mercury is also a trickster that resurfaces people and things from your past. And like the planet, mercury the heavy metal, will remind you of your past.

Mercury toxicity is one of the largest environmental saboteurs of your thyroid and immune system. It’s partly responsible for the rise in dementia, autoimmune disorders, allergies and yes, rampant thyroid disorders. Mercury gets absorbed into our guts. And with the gut containing 70% of our immune system and a direct link to the brain, as the gut goes, so does our mind and body.

For me, my exposure started immediately. Industrial pollution is one of the largest sources of mercury exposure and I grew up inPittsburgh. Despite being born decades after the city’s industrial peak, the environmental effects still linger. Additionally, mercury filled my cavities. As a young child, I also experienced severe pesticide poisoning (which contains mercury) after doing gymnastics on a neighbor’s recently fertilized lawn. The doctors were baffled and I was unable to go outside— the sun made my skin burn for two weeks. This may be why I now feel safe and at home in the city, yet sense danger lurking amongst the evenly spaced homes on suburban manicured lawns. While I may seem to be unlucky, with the lax environmental orbit in our country, you too are being exposed to mercury on a regular basis.

Having learned about the effect environmental toxins has on our health and weight six years ago, I had half of these fillings removed and replaced with composites by a holistic dentist. I knew my environmentally retrograde past, along with the removal process, and the ones that still remain in my mouth, led me to great mercury exposure. And now I had to do something about it. Working with Jackie Doyle, who is one of Philly’s leading functional medicine practitioners, (and  whom I share an office), I used Metagenics Metalloclear for 30 days, along with Renagen to support my kidneys during this process, to gently and effectively detox from mercury. I experienced no side effects and believe that my clean diet supported me during this process.

Given toxins cause weight gain (and increasingly so), I lost a couple of pounds and my skin cleared up as my gut became healthier. Additionally, I converted my skin care and make-up to eco-friendly, non-toxic options to reduce toxin exposure; mercury isn’t the only environmental force inhibiting thyroid function.

Reducing the environmental toxin load on my body was instrumental in helping my thyroid heal. While the Metagenics protocol helped with my extreme situation, so did my green smoothies and miso soup. Deep, leafy greens and sea veggies align the stars to detox your liver, the Chief Detox Officer. The more you understand your body, the more you can navigate your health and weight and can guard against remnants of your past health unexpectedly resurfacing.

While my Truce with Food program focuses on weight-loss, it’s also an in-depth course and study on how you can begin to heal your low energy, moods and other health challenges. Grounded in functional medicine science, with the knowledge from Truce, you will feel like the planets are aligned for you. The learning and transformation you will experience are a precursor to weight-loss and the ultimate wellness of feeling excited and engaged with life.

Next week, I’ll be sharing the emotional choice I had to make for the food and environmental changes to align. I guarantee you are facing the same problem in your own life today.

The earth will go on, with the rest of the planets, easily without us. Focus on saving yourself by cleaning up your internal environment and both environments win.

To charting a clean future,


P.S. Here’s more information on mercury’s effect and how to detox. And if you’d like to work with Philly’s best functional medicine practitioner, Jackie can be reached at 215.985.1344. She’s at my 1528 Walnut Street, Suite 1905 office.

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