Posted in February 2012

Spanx for the Soul

I was exhausted and uninspired. This was the time leading up to my hypothyroid diagnosis in July 2010. Exercise was becoming less frequent and my enthusiasm for work projects plummeted. I was slowing down, feeling ineffective. Why? Perhaps my body had just caught up with my mind, where all of the changes of the past five years … Continue reading

Mercury Not in Retrograde but my Body

When I make a decision or try to understand “why”, I invite multiple perspectives, including astrology. I’m not talking about daily horoscopes but rather, what the major planets are doing. The presence of sunshine makes me a completely different person, so why wouldn’t the other cosmic weather? However, the only astrological concept I firmly grasp … Continue reading

A Truce with my Thyroid and a Truce with Food

I am the anti-Paula Deen. I like to think that the green smoothies and delicious fresh vegetables prepared by my clients, me, and the growing legions across the country go one-for-one with Deen’s nationally televised demonstrations of combining fried items for deep-frying. Still, Paula and I, we have similar secrets. The “I-have-type-II-diabetes” kind. I’ve watched … Continue reading