2012. A Year with High Expectations

2012. A Year with High Expectations.

Some say it’s the end. Again. Others interpret the Mayan calendar, recent revolutions, and the increased democratization of information and communication as a new beginning. In this era of spiritual awakening, top-down authoritative structures like churches, universities, and governments will be torn down and rebuilt as more collaborative and open-source models.

Regardless of the way the world is changing around you, chances are you’re still thinking about your weight. I encourage you to rebel against this form of personal oppression.

Mohamed Bouazizi was a Tunisian fruit stand vendor who lit himself ablaze to protest government interference with his business. His single act of defiance sparked revolutions throughout the Middle East.

You too can spark a body and life transforming revolution with a single act of defiance: Deep self-care.

Deep self-care goes beyond pedicures and exercise. It’s opting out of the  “calories-in, calories-out” and “no pain no gain” repression. It’s allowing you, as your governing body, to create a world that acknowledges and explores your emotional body and its connection to your weight and unhealthy habits. It’s freeing yourself, not by setting yourself on fire, but by embracing the heat of your life to transform and harness this currently chaotic energy.  And like any revolution, clarity eventually comes out of confusion. In this clarity, you’ll experience an incredible freedom around food. A life where you have an intentional, not censored vote.

I have curated the best knowledge, systems and research from my own 25 year journey on weight, five years of real-world client success, and my Masters work at Penn to help women revolutionize their lives and bodies. In 2012 (and beyond!), I’ll be delivering this information via newsletters, my blog, and group programs. I’ll begin 2012 by helping you lay a foundation for a revolutionary year on Saturday, January 21 from 1-3:30 p.m. at Highland Farm Bed & Breakfast, the breathtaking former home of Broadway lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II, for Your Best Self in 2012 with my nutrition secrets and those from stylist Judith Andrea. Philly’s favorite cabaret singer Karen Gross will entertain before and after for a warm and inspiring afternoon.

2012 can be a year where you can have your fruit stand, and eat at it too. In peace.

To a freeing year.