What’s Your Detox Type

With the calendar changing to April, it seems people are as enthusiastic about detoxing as they are about the occasional 70º day. But, just as spring has a wide range of weather, there are a variety of ways to detox. While different methods work for different people, spring is a good time for anyone to detox. Spring is nature’s detox season. All the foods that thrive in a spring season are also the foods that help us to de-congest from the winter, burn the fatty bloat accumulated over winter and energize for the new beginnings.

With my clients, I always spend at least one session on the ancient method of detoxing and how they can adapt this tool for their benefit. When creating a plan that works for you, here are a few basic detox profiles to consider:


1.Does a detox sound exhausting?

2. Are you currently bingeing or does detoxing sound like deprivation?

If yes, be a seasonal detoxer, where you incorporate springs top detox foods (I didn’t include lemon water here but that is a biggie). This will support your bodies innate ability to detox without feeling deprived and provoking a binge.

Unfortunately, many people detox as a punishment, not to genuinely renew the body. Often the goal is to to lose weight, quickly. This never works. While feeling a loopy-high, juice fasters often exclaim “this works wonders.” But weeks or a month later, juice fasters have lost muscle mass, their sanity and over ate as a response to starvation. Before summer, they’ve gained weight.  Don’t do an extreme detox if that’s not where you are emotionally in your life.  Add/replace in the foods mentioned above for a gentle, yet effective, reset button.


1.Do you want to maintain your exercise outlet?

2.Do you work in a capacity that makes being focused important?

If you answered yes, be a stress-free detoxer.  This detox challenges you to take care of yourself like you would in an ideal world— or Canyon Ranch. This is a clean eating plan of all home-cooked meals free of gluten, dairy and sugar with an optional all fruits and veggies day.  The “Stress-Free Detox Plan”  does what a detox is mean to do, give you a running start to life.  It includes simple recipes to eat while detoxing that are easy and delicious to incorporate post-detox.


This is one of my favorite seasonal detox plans to follow. While my diet is clean most of the time, this plan encourages me to amp it up and look at where my lifestyle needs to be changed— whether a news fast or making an effort to spend less time in front of television and computer screens. I always drop a few pounds, rid myself of sugar cravings and see where I need to work on my stress management, without disrupting my usual work and life schedule.


1.Is your schedule too hectic for even a stress-free detox?

2.Do you have to eat/drink meals out for work?

3.Is now just not a good time for you to focus on detoxing?

Then aim for the three change detox. Pick three changes you’d like to meet and test drive them for a week or ten days. Don’t drink at work functions.  Eliminate your night-time sweet. Eat your biggest meal at lunch, not dinner. Pick three things that would improve your health but require minimal effort to change. You might be so surprised at how easy it is to pick three more with your new found energy and momentum.

Detoxing should simplify your body, not complicate your life. It should inspire you to make sustainable changes to your life, not demoralize you into a spiraling frustration. Of the options I mentioned above, none are extreme. That’s because extreme doesn’t work and it usually results in more health complications, including weight gain and dieting frustration. Like all of my work with clients, my detox recommendations are gentle, compassionate treatment of the body with incredible results. I love transforming my client’s lives through food. Most rewarding is when they experience a philosophical shift that enables them to break free from the grid-lock of extreme thinking and dieting.

Detoxing can be a gradual part of this process. During Spring, I do a substantial detox, every other season, I do miniature versions. Each time, I pick at least one habit from each detox to keep with me. Overtime, you change over to a clean diet. Slowly, naturally, intuitively.

To spring and rebirth.