3 Questions To Transform Your Relationship to Food

I was born with a lazy eye. A large brown eye patch and glasses so big they eclipsed the all-American mushroom cut that every other white girl in America rocked at least once by age five like a hairy helmet. Awkward. Even more, um, awkward was my lack of inhibition.


During a post-lazy eye correction surgery ophthalmology visit, I ran into my doctor’s office and proudly showed him my Wonder Woman underwear –the full set. He didn’t know how to react and I didn’t care. I felt the part because I literally saw the world anew—without those ostracizing glasses.

I also felt like Wonder Woman four years ago when I heroically and finally stopped dieting and lost weight. I would have thought it was from supernatural powers but I had a lot of science and psychology to provide the answers to questions I spent more than a decade and a half exploring. And when I shared this secret weapon with my dieting friends or other groups of women who were bonding over their latest dieting attempts, they looked at me blankly, like my ophthalmologist did back in ’83.

But there were people who listened. And I will forever be grateful to those people who happened to be my first clients as I brought these food, lifestyle, and emotional ideas into my health coaching practice. And now, with the dieting connoisseur Oprah giving up dieting, it seems everyone is re-thinking this DIEt thing.

Enter September. The time for this exact re-thinking and examining. After six months of going and doing, it’s time to turn inward. In Chinese medicine, Autumn corresponds with the lungs, the organ that upon exhalation, gives us the power to let go.

What if you ….

Let go of dieting?

Questioned how you know what you know, about nutrition?

Started listening to your body – seeing your cravings, exhaustion, and bloating as a dialogue that maybe low-fat or sugar-free isn’t so nourishing? And this led to you becoming your own nutrition expert – intuitively knowing what foods your body needed?

This is the food (for thought) that makes the most sense for September. Sure, get to the farmers’ market and scoop up the harvest. Eat more root vegetables like squash, carrots, and onions to help ground yourself this season. Start eating more cooked foods to help you stay warm as the weather cools. But most importantly, reflect on your entire nutrition mindset.

My “Calling a Truce with Food” group program is a wonderful way to get you started on this path to rediscovering yourself. You have until Friday, September 3rd, to sign up for a five week exploration into finally nourishing the body, mind, and soul.

When you get clear on these answers to becoming the expert of yourself, you won’t need Wonder Woman underwear or other people’s opinions to prove your power. You’ll see it in your diminishing jean size, improved mood and energy, and best of all, lighter spirit.

To make exponential changes in your eating habits, chew on these questions. With the momentum of Fall, it’s time to let go of letting someone else give you a diet plan and being the expert on your body. No one has those kinds of super powers.

Be well.