Eat. Pray. Eat Again?

I first read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love back in 2006. I had been asking the same questions she had been in her own journey – except my little expedition didn’t take me to Italy, India and Bali. Mine didn’t start with a divorce but a diagnosis.

In seventh grade, I was told I had cancer. After being cured with chemotherapy and radiation, I spent the next 15 years attempting to heal – although I didn’t realize it at the time. My searching led me to a post-college corporate job that had me living in three cities: Lynchburg, VA; Paris, France; and Pittsfield, MA. And it goes without saying that Lynchburg and Pittsfield are no Italy or Bali. There was lots of eating, but it went more like Eat. Gorge. Remorse. And there was no falling in love at the end (that would eventually happen but not neatly packaged in the ending).


Can you say misery?

Through all of this, I was dieting and constantly thinking about my weight. What I didn’t realize at the time, was your relationship with food is a doorway into how you live and your beliefs about life.  Food is your most basic form of nourishment which makes it a metaphor for how you believe you can be taken care of, what you deserve and yes, if the world is a safe place. For example, do you overeat because you don’t think there is enough? Do you think you will always be stuck in dieting hell because well, life is just unkind?

I created the “Calling a Truce with Food Program” to teach the process I spent 15 years figuring out: to finally live with food as a healing tool versus a weapon. By healing your relationship with food, you are free from thinking about food, dieting and worrying about blowing up into oblivion. You arrive at your natural weight and your moods stabilize. But this program is without all the pit-stops, dead-ends, and out-dated GPS maps (aka bad dieting ideas). It’s not to say you won’t have some side-winding. In fact, you can go on an Eat.Pray.Love journey without leaving your job or the country. This program will show you how.

While the program provides answers on how to eat for your unique body, eliminate cravings, the food/mood connection, and easy recipes to make this all work in a hectic life, it also provides the questions you need to be asking yourself – if you ever want your mind to think about more than your next meal. We all have our own answers and it’s about finding yours.

See what Pepper had to say about her experience:

“I think of all the diets that I tried and wasted money on including the ones that had “group support” and none of them came close to the time that I spent with this group. I learned more about why I eat and binge, and identified situations and feelings that are triggers for me. Now I no longer judge my food choices as good or bad, and have eliminated the guilt associated with eating which has helped me to stay on track over all.

Friends on Facebook have messaged that my updated photo shows how happy and great I look. I have lost weight, incorporate more quality organic foods into my meals, and let my happiness reflect in all other aspects of life. What a fantastic experience! “

The program sold-out in the Spring so I encourage you, if you are serious about making peace with food, to sign-up soon.  The program begins on Monday, September 13th and runs for five Mondays through October 11th from 6-7:15 p.m. at Eviama Spa.

To sign-up, click here.

Think of it as going from Eat. Pray. Eat Again to Eat. Pray. Love. With love being love of your life, your body and yourself.

Be well.

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